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Hear teachings, see miracles, witness testimonies, and feel the power of God through these Katie Souza videos. These videos are made for the ones who may be lost and searching, as well as those who have already found their way through the Lord and want to further enrich their soul.

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Revival is hitting NOW! // Katie Souza & Eddie James // Faith With Katie LIVE

Revival is breaking out!! Katie is joined by worship leader and minister, Eddie James, who is traveling around America releasing revival fire! Eddie shares his story and about what God is doing today.

Learn to Interpret Your Dreams! // Katie Souza & Jennifer Eivaz // Faith With Katie

Katie and Jennifer Eivaz discuss the process of dream interpretation, discerning the source, and how to fight spiritual attacks that come against you and your place of rest.

Becoming A Child Again // Katie Souza & Eric Gilmour // Faith With Katie

Do you feel like your intimacy with Jesus is hindered? Today, Katie & Eric Gilmour discuss how many Christian's focus on what Jesus can do for them holds them back from true intimacy. But also how shifting our perspective can unlock encounters and a closeness with God that will leave us forever changed.